Proof of concept

The easiest
8 weeks to your workplace strategy

Detailed user-needs summary

Crowd-modelled space program

Gap analysis to ideal space program

Guided scenario exploration

Dedicated co-pilot


Experience the full power of spaciv and let the results transform your view on space

Week 1-4

Phase 1: Setup

Your organisational data is imported, and the engine is configured with the matching spaciv presets. By balancing the initial space program with your existing space, initial optimisation opportunities can already be identified.

Week 4-8

Phase 2: Refine

User-needs are refined with the spaciv crowd-modelling process, providing your entire organisation with the option to directly contribute their needs. The result is a user-centered ideal space program and refined optimisation opportunities, that are based on reliable and granular input data.


Smart optional additions and a kickstart to your continual workplace evolution

Week 8-12

Phase 3: Optional Customising

Following the proof of concept, you have the option to customise space modules and rule sets to match your configuration and individualise your calculations even further.

Next Step

Continual Evolution

Your spaciv platform will be ready for the continual evolution of your workplace. With each iteration, you will improve your workplace, learning with every step.

Start your proof of concept in 2022
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”We are all going through a massive workplace transformation together. Fully understanding, challenging and supporting our customers is setting them up for long-term success.”
Malte Koeditz

Founder and CEO

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