Hello and welcome to our Workplace Check-up!

In only two weeks we can deliver insights, that enable you to lead the discussion about the future of your workplace.

We have developed a two week sprint, that is designed to help organisations like yours, to quickly understand the impact that changing work patterns are having on your workplace. From growth forecasts to mobile work scenarios.

Our Workplace Check-up:


Together with leading workplace consultants, we are giving you the best of both worlds

Our Workplace Check-up allows you to experience the power of spaciv, without having to make any commitments. In addition, we will bring one of our carefully selected Solutions Partners to the project, according to your individual requirements. This way, you get the best of both worlds: a powerful data platform and years of experience.


3 meetings is all it takes. We’ll do the rest.

The entire process only takes 2 weeks. Over the course of the project, there will be 3 short meetings during which we can collect all the information we need. In between the sessions we will develop a custom model that allows us to quickly and flexibly explore growth scenarios, alternative mobile working policies etc.

In total, it only needs 5 hours of your time!


You will receive a professional management summary with transparent insights and actionable next steps

We know that user-needs are complex. With our summary you will be equipped with easy-to-read graphics and index-values that you can confidently present to your senior management. You will have insights about your user’s-needs, future scenarios, optimisation opportunities and an impact assessment of any resulting change efforts.

Test the power of the spaciv without any commitments.

Get insights from leading workplace experts.

Seriously fast! Results in only two weeks.

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spaciv is the first digital platform for Dynamic Workplace Strategy

spaciv is an online platform that enables mid- and large-sized organisations to continually align their Workplace with their user’s functional needs as they evolve.

With spaciv, you can enable peak performance and reduce costs.