New normal

Simulate scenarios and understand the impact they could have

We are currently faced by an unprecedented situation and there is no playbook for how we can prepare our workspaces for the new demands. With spaciv you have the foundation for an agile, data-driven process.

These features can help you plan for the new normal:

Scenario modelling

Calculation engine


Scenario modelling

Explore and consider every possible scenario

As we adapt to the new normal, we are having to accept a new form of uncertainty – both internal and external influences are constantly changing. More than ever before, we must think in scenarios to plan ahead.

Consumer needs scenarios

Any imaginable scenarios can be defined to which space consumers can then contribute information detailing their needs – scenario exploration based on real data.

Space rule scenarios

Qualitative workspace scenarios can can be explored through the creation of multiple space rule sets. For example, different desk sharing ratios or space modules.

Calculation engine

Develop a data-driven space program

Usually, space requirements are calculated on the basis of area keys. Now you can create a data-driven space program by linking space-user-needs and space modules with space rules.

Space Rules

The space rules define the translation of user-needs to area requirements: employee numbers and activity profiles become square meters.

Space Program

The space program is the summary of all required space modules and thus defines the required square meters per area type.


Ensure your workspace evolves with your needs

Organisations and working methods are changing all the time. The workplace must also be continuously developed in order to meet the new requirements and be able to continue providing an ideal environment.

Data collection

Space consumers can easily contribute information, detailing their needs from anywhere via the web app – no meetings or workshops are required.

Needs in real-time

Space consumer needs can easily be kept up to date with the help of the integrated automation features, giving you more time for the strategy.

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