New Work

Develop a workplace, ideally suited to your organisation’s needs

From the analysis of the existing workspace, to the continual optimisation of the new workspace – spaciv is your smart companion for the entire journey.

These features can help you with your new work project:

Space analysis

Data collection

Space calculation

Continual optimisation

Space analysis

Understand how your existing workspace is performing

A new work project always implies an old work. By developing a deeper understanding of how your current workspace is performing, you can identify the unique opportunities for your project.

Space analytics

By analysing the existing area, key performance indicators are generated. Deviations from the calculated spatial requirements are immediately visible.

Space consumer surveys

Your workspace users know best what works and what doesn’t. Integrated survey tools ensure that problems are identified quickly, resulting in actionable insights.

Data collection

Understand the needs of your space consumers

Functional requirements are diverse and complex. By enabling a wide-ranging data collection process, you can develop a deeper understanding of each division’s, department’s and team’s individual requirements.

Data contribution

Space users can contribute their own requirements – not as quantitative areas, but in the form of functional needs, such as their team’s size and work mode.

Data validation

User contributions can be validated by the project owner according to the four-eyes principle. This ensures a high data quality across all contributions.

Calculation engine

Develop a data-driven space program

Usually, space requirements are calculated on the basis of area keys. Now you can create a data-driven space program by linking space-user-needs and space modules with space rules.

Space Rules

The space rules define the translation of user-needs to area requirements: employee numbers and activity profiles become square meters.

Space Program

The space program is the summary of all required space modules and thus defines the required square meters per area type.

Continual optimisation

Ensure your workspace evolves with your needs

Organisations and working methods are constantly evolving. The workplace must also be continuously developed in order to meet the new requirements and be able to continue providing an ideal environment.

Workspace knowledgebase

The centralised interface makes changes and their effects visible. The resulting knowledgebase is the resource for future decision-making processes.

Continual Improvement

As a holistic solution, spaciv combines the analysis and planning of workspaces, enabling an insight and data-driven process for continual improvement.

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