Is your workplace as agile as your organisation?

Organisations are constantly evolving, while workplaces are typically static. That means they don’t adapt to the team’s current and real needs – a waste valuable resources.

spaciv is the platform with which organisations can develop a clear and always up-to-date understanding of their workplace needs, enabling dynamic workplace optimisation.

spaciv is built for dynamic workplace optimisation


Continually evaluate your organisation’s needs

With spaciv, you can be sure that you are working on the basis of the most current and accurate information available.


Proactively explore possible future scenarios

Simulate future scenarios and ensure that you are considering all eventualities in your decision-making.


Plan a dynamic, data-driven space program

Develop a data-driven space program that dynamically adjusts to changing needs and modelled scenarios.

Plan ahead

Is your workplace ready for your future needs?

Creating physical spaces takes time – planning, building, fit out… Therefore we must plan ahead to prepare for future eventualities and ensure that our workplaces will continue to best serve your team’s needs.

With spaciv you can model and simulate the impact of any imaginable scenario, allowing you to make better decisions today for tomorrow.

Manage complexity

Can spreadsheets handle the complexity of your workplace needs?

Workplace planning usually involves many stakeholders and is collaborative in nature. Managing countless updates and change requests with spreadsheets is a real problem. The result: sources are lost and mistakes are made.

spaciv connects and manages data from all your workplace stakeholders, creating a reliable foundation for a data-driven process. Easily manage the complexity of heterogeneous needs dynamically.

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