Is your workplace as agile as your organisation?

Organisations are constantly evolving, while workplaces are typically static. That means they do not adapt to the team’s current and accurate needs – a waste of valuable resources.

spaciv is the platform with which organisations can develop a clear and always up-to-date understanding of their workplace needs, enabling dynamic workplace optimisation.

Top-Bottom Modelling


Existing Space Analysis

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Develop a deep understanding of your workplace performance and user needs

The spaciv workflow begins with the current situation – it is the basis and provides the context for understanding both the requirements and opportunities for your workpLace. Space consumer surveys (commonly referred to as Pre-Project Evaluations or PPEs) and an evaluation of the current area allocation creates a transparent overview.


Understand the needs of your space consumers

Functional requirements are diverse and complex. By enabling a wide-ranging data collection process, you can develop a deeper understanding of each division’s, department’s and team’s requirements.

Data contribution

Space users can contribute their requirements – not as quantitative areas but in the form of functional needs, such as their team’s size and work mode.

Data validation

The project owner can validate user contributions according to the four-eyes principle. This ensures a high data quality across all contributions.

Existing Space Analysis

Understand how your workplace is performing

You can identify unique improvement opportunities by developing a deeper understanding of how your current workplace is performing.

Space analytics

By analysing existing area, spaciv generates key performance indicators. Deviations from the calculated spatial requirements are immediately visible.

Space consumer surveys

Your users know best. Our integrated survey tool quickly identifies problems, resulting in actionable insights.

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