Partner program

Calling all workplace professionals

Are you a workplace consultant, architect, interior designer or other provider of workplace services? We are developing a partner program and would like to talk to you about how the spaciv platform can support your business.

Benefits for partners:

Data-driven workflow

Leverage the power of our platform for your projects and quickly start providing new data-driven services and solutions.


spaciv makes data collection, analysis and visualisation fast – giving you more time for the creative aspects of your projects.

Data access

Use spaciv with knowledge that you can always export the data you have collected and generated to common file formats.

Reusable modules

When you create space modules or space rule presets in spaciv, you can reuse them across all your customers and projects.

Directory listing

spaciv is a data platform. When customers require additional, out-of-scope services, we introduce them to our partners.

Get involved

We invite our most loyal users to contribute to the product development process – from feature requests to co-development

Partner application

It’s great that you’re interested in our partner program. Please apply by submitting the following details. We will contact you as soon as possible to schedule a meeting for an initial introduction and to answer any questions you have.

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