A complete solution for
your workplace strategy

Stop wasting resources and start constantly adapting to your employeesindividual and changing needs. spaciv enables corporations to evaluate their current situation, explore countless scenarios and make the right decisions for the dynamic optimisation of their future office.



The spaciv process starts with the evaluation of your current workplace situation. An audit of the latest and most reliable data helps corporations to gain a clear and up-to-date picture of the status quo.

Our crowd-modelling process generates a deep understanding of each organisational unit’s functional requirements and workplace satisfaction. Together with an analysis of your existing space and the integration of other available data sources, e.g. sensors, as well as your corporation’s strategic objectives, you’ll get the most transparent overview possible with actionable insights.

spaciv dashboards showing workplace data from contributions
spaciv scenario dashboards comparing growth and activity profiles


As we face unprecedented uncertainty for our future of work, spaciv is your agile and data-driven companion to make informed decisions. By separating individual data inputs, spaciv empowers you to adjust each component of your workplace strategy independently.

You can dive into any imaginable scenario down to the most granular organisational level and see the respective impact on your business. Explore multiple space rule configurations, simulate growth forecasts or model evolving user needs – all easily manageable with user-friendly dashboards.


This is where the magic happens: The spaciv engine automatically translates your users’ needs into your organisation’s space requirements – fast, smart, dynamic

This is where the magic happens: The spaciv engine automatically translates your users’ needs into your organisation’s space requirements – fast, smart, dynamic



You can now create a data-driven space programme that links employee needs and space modules to define the necessary square metres per area type. Easily tailor your office to the specific user needs of a building, level or zone with our granular data structure.

A holistic gap analysis instantly identifies business opportunities and risks by dynamically comparing the status quo with your ideal scenario. Your workplace blueprint is based on your employees’ and corporation’s requirements. With continual optimisation, you stay ahead of change and can easily plan for today and tomorrow.

spaciv ideal space dashboard and space module catalogue

Frequently asked questions

Who is spaciv built for?

spaciv is for everyone who’s professionally developing and executing their corporation’s workplace strategy. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the real estate, workplace or HR teams, as long as you want to benefit from a state-of-the-art solution that empowers you to create the ideal, data-driven workplace.

We mainly work with medium- to large-sized organisations in the financial, insurance, digital or consulting spaces. If you’re unsure if and how spaciv can help you, contact us: sales@spaciv.com

How does the magic work?

As you might know, good magicians never reveal their tricks. And we are pretty good. Even awesome.

What we can tell you though is that sparks are flying thanks to spaciv’s proprietary calculation engines. Yes, engines. Plural. Seven engines are responsible for turning your employees’ needs into square metres and uncertainty into always-up-to-date ideal space programmes.

Do I need hardware or install software on my system?

Quick and dirty: Nope. spaciv is a cloud-based software solution that doesn’t involve any installation on your corporation’s devices. Plus, you don’t need any equipment – but we’ll of course use the data collected by physical sensors that you’ve already installed. Win/win for everyone!

What is the process if I want to start with spaciv?

Our goal is to set you up for success. In a free consultation, we’ll align your goals and challenges with our platform’s functionality and find out how to support you best. Following our meeting, you’ll receive a tailored proposal, showing a transparent and detailed way forward. Easy.

Where is spaciv hosted?

Super-safely hosted in Germany. However, we’ll ask our developer team to also add some techy quotes and fancy certifications here.

Can you help me set up and use spaciv?

We have a dedicated team of experienced co-pilots who will do everything in their power to make sure that you are up and running in no time. Plus, they are available on demand to support you in identifying opportunities, making sense of your data and the different scenarios as well as your decision-making process going forward.