Calculate your ideal space program: perfectly matching your peoples needs

Discover the perfect workspace for your organisation by effortlessly translating your real employees’ needs into optimal space requirements.

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Understand what your people really need

Collaboratively shape your space with the integrated data collection, connecting people to contribute their work preferences and create your strategic workplace foundation.

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Easily configure spaciv for your company culture

Tailor your workplace to your unique company culture with spaciv’s presets or a fully customised space rules set.

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Calculate the ideal space for your organisation

Transform your employee needs and space rules into a detailed overview of your ideal space. Easily export the results as foundation ready for your design team and partners.

Why companies choose spaciv to calculate their perfect space


lower costs

compared to traditional
consulting projects



compared to conventional
right-sizing projects


data quality compared to
conventional methods

Case Study

How a financial services provider reduced office space by 28% with spaciv

Find out how spaciv successfully navigated uncertainties, allowing our client to make a confident choice to reduce office space by 28%, resulting in impressive cost savings of more than €22M EUR over a 10-year lease period.

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