Calculate how much space you need and right-size your next lease with confidence

Make future-proof real estate decisions by calculating your ideal footprint, exploring countless future scenario and identifying risks and opportunities in minutes.

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Gain the confidence you need to execute your full space optimisation potential

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Calculate your ideal office space

spaciv can automatically calculate your ideal space based on your headcounts and our industry-leading benchmark datasets.

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Simulate future scenarios

Model countless scenarios exploring the impact of critical changes such as growth forecasts or changing in-office policies.

Identify risks and opportunities

Get an overview of your strategic corridor based on countless scenarios to make future-proof real estate decisions. Compare your ideal space with with your existing space to identify risks and opportunities.

Why companies choose spaciv to calculate their perfect space


lower costs

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consulting projects



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data quality compared to
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Case Study

How a financial services provider reduced office space by 28% with spaciv

Find out how spaciv successfully navigated uncertainties, allowing our client to make a confident choice to reduce office space, resulting in impressive cost savings of more than €22M EUR over a 10-year lease period.

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