Dynamic Workplace Strategy

A complete solution for your workplace strategy

spaciv combines features covering the entire workflow for the strategic optimisation of your workplace – from evaluating your current space through exploring and planning potential scenarios to managing your workplace.

Understand current user needs

Explore countless scenarios

Generate data-based space programs

Continually evolve your strategy


Develop a deep understanding of your workplace performance and user needs

The spaciv workflow begins with the current situation – it is the basis and provides the context for understanding both the requirements and opportunities for your workplace. Space consumer surveys (commonly referred to as Pre-Project Evaluations or PPEs) and an evaluation of the current area allocation creates a transparent overview.


Simulate and explore virtually any imaginable strategic scenario

spaciv separates individual data inputs, enabling the exploration of different scenarios – user needs, growth forecasts, and organisational developments can be adjusted individually, thus making the immense complexity of a workplace strategy manageable.


Generate data-driven space programs

Develop a workplace strategy that combines the needs defined by individual space consumers and strategic objectives. spaciv uses space rules to automatically translate your organisation’s functional needs into a data-driven space program – your space requirements.

Continually evolve

Start dynamically evolving your workplace

Traditionally, workplace projects follow a linear workflow. As a result, changes can lead to time-consuming rework and are often difficult to keep track of.
spaciv enables the evaluation of needs, the exploration of potential scenarios and space program planning to take place simultaneously – dynamic workplace optimisation.

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