Future-proof your Workplace

Right size,
right mix,
at the right time

Turn uncertainty into an always up-to-date approach, and work with your data and insights to future-proof your workplace.


Scenario Modelling

Workplace Analytics

STAGE 1: Crowd-modelling

Understand the needs of your space consumers

Functional requirements are diverse and complex. By enabling a wide-ranging crowd-modelling process, you can develop a deeper understanding of each division’s, department’s and team’s requirements.

Data contribution

Space users can contribute their requirements – not as quantitative areas but in the form of functional needs, such as their team’s size and work mode.

Data validation

The project owner can validate user contributions according to the four-eyes principle. This ensures high data quality across all contributions.

STAGE 2: Scenario modelling

Explore every possible scenario

As we adapt to the new normal, we must accept a new form of uncertainty – internal and external influences constantly changing. As a result, more than ever before, we must think of possible scenarios to plan accordingly.

Consumer needs scenarios

Based on your accurate data set, define any imaginable scenario and immediately explore its impact on your workplace strategy.

Space rule scenarios

Explore qualitative workplace scenarios by creating multiple space rule sets, like different desk-sharing ratios or space module configurations.

STAGE 3: Workplace Analytics

Identify risks and opportunities for your future workplace

Workplace strategies are complex, making it challenging for decision-makers to understand the logic quickly. spaciv makes the needs transparent and provides a data context to make the right decisions, at the right time.

Space analytics

Explore countless scenarios based on your accurate data and immediately evaluate the impact on your future workplace.

Peer group insights

Comparing your user needs and space program to a relevant peer group allows you to evaluate the results and make informed decisions.

Use case

Develop a User-centric workplace

Use spaciv’s data collection features to crowd-model your future-ready Workplace

Use case

Right-size for Hybrid Work

Explore countless scenarios and see how they affect your workplace sizing

Use case

Introduce New Work

Develop a workplace ideally suited to your organisation’s needs

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