Right-size for hybrid work

Explore countless scenarios and how they affect your workplace sizing

No matter what triggered your project, ensure you take full advantage of this opportunity and give your organisation the best possible workplace.

Space Calculation

Scenario Modelling

Continual Optimisation

Workplace Analytics

STAGE 1: Space calculation

Generate data-driven space programs

Until now, space requirements have generally been calculated based on area keys. spaciv enables you to create a data-driven space program by linking space consumer needs and space rules.

Space rules

The space rules define user-needs translation to area requirements: employee numbers and activity profiles become square meters.

Space program

The space program summarises all the required space modules and thus defines the required square meters per area type.

STAGE 2: Scenario modelling

Explore every
possible scenario

As we adapt to the new normal, we must accept a new form of uncertainty – internal and external influences constantly changing. As a result, more than ever before, we must think of possible scenarios to plan accordingly.

Consumer needs scenarios

Based on your accurate data set, define any imaginable scenario and immediately explore its impact on your workplace strategy.

Space rule scenarios

Explore qualitative workplace scenarios by creating multiple space rule sets, like different desk-sharing ratios or space module configurations.

STAGE 3: Continual Optimisation

Ensure your workplace evolves with your needs

Organisations and work methods are constantly evolving. Therefore, the workplace must also be continuously developed to meet the new requirements and provide an ideal work environment.


Space consumers can conveniently contribute information detailing their needs anytime and anywhere via the web app – no meetings or workshops required.

Automated evaluation

The needs of space consumers are continually updated and evaluated. spaciv’s automation features ensure that you always work with the latest information.

STAGE 4: Workplace Analytics

Make better decisions with data insights

Workplace strategies are complex, making it challenging for decision-makers to understand the logic quickly. spaciv makes the needs transparent and provides a data context to make the right decisions, at the right time.

Space analytics

Explore countless scenarios based on your accurate data and immediately evaluate the impact on your future workplace.

Peer group insights

Comparing your user needs and space program to a relevant peer group allows you to evaluate the results and make informed decisions.

Use case

Develop a User-centric workplace

Use spaciv’s data collection features to crowd-model your future-ready Workplace

Use case

Introduce New Work

Develop a workplace ideally suited to your organisation’s needs

Use case

Future-proof Your Workplace

Explore potential user-needs scenarios and make the right decisions, at the right time

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