Strategy Execution Platform for Corporate Real Estate and Workplace Leaders

Create the ideal office tailored to your employees’ needs. Seamlessly adapt your strategy to changing situations and drive cost-effective workplace improvements where and when they matter most.

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Don’t waste resources. Realise your full space optimisation potential.

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What we do

We support workplace projects at the most critical stages for successful strategy execution


Make future-proof real estate decisions by calculating your ideal footprint and exploring the impact of scenarios.


Foster productivity and well-being by calculating your ideal space program, fully tailored to your employees’ needs.


Optimise your workplace experience by collecting valuable user insights about what’s working and what’s not.

What happens next?

Workplace pioneers leverage the power of spaciv to continually evolve and execute their strategy


Empowering organisations to optimise holistically


Reduce expenses by intelligently
optimising your workplace


Average footprint optimisation


Use resources efficiently and effectively: achieve more with less

-6 t

CO2 emissions per employee

User experience

Empower peak performance and create a workplace your people need


Higher workplace satisfaction score

Your benefits

Spend less time collecting data and focus on making the right decisions, at the right time.

Manage complex work easily

Automatically translate your employees needs into your individual ideal space program.

Transform with confidence

Explore the impact of countless scenarios to make future-proof real estate decisions.

Leverage insights

Develop execution power by enabling evidence-based decision making with maximum transparency.

platform Security

spaciv is committed to complying with global privacy laws and security standards, helping you meet your compliance obligations

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Enhancing a Workplace with Crowd-Review Data

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AI’s Role in Workplace Strategy: Insights & Opportunities

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