spaciv is a comprehensive workplace strategy solution that covers the entire workflow from evaluating your current space to continually planning and optimising your workplace in the future.

By crowd-modelling your employees’ needs and reviewing their office experience, you gain a deep understanding of your workplace performance. This enables you to constantly identify improvement opportunities to maximise the value of your investments. Continually implemented, you will learn what works best to boost your workplace strategy to the next level.

spaciv continual process from evaluation to creation

Dynamically align to changes with smart automation features that constantly evaluate updated needs


Maximise the value of your resources by easily identifying business opportunities and potential risks

Build on an always up-to-date and accurate knowledge base to learn what works

spaciv visualisation of flexible office space in different sizes

Right-sizing &

As we adjust to the new normal, we need to find solutions that help us tailor our workplace to individual requirements. spaciv is the smart software solution that provides you with a clear overview of your status quo. By providing a reliable foundation for your workplace decisions, we ultimately support people to perform at their best.

Crowd-modelling enables you to fully understand your employees’ needs and calculate the right size of your office footprint and right mix of spaces. Easily translate accurate data into the necessary quantity of each space module type and consequently into square metres.

Develop a deep understanding of
your employees’ needs


Utilise data to tailor your workplace setup to corporate and individual requirements

Quickly explore different
space rule configurations

your workplace

In today’s fast-paced business environment, internal and external influences are constantly driving change. It’s important to plan ahead and fully understand the impact potential scenarios could have on your workplace. spaciv allows you to do just that.

Model every eventuality and gather the insights you need to future-proof your workplace. Dig deep by differentiating forecasts for every organisational unit and keep an overview with our intuitive and comprehensive dashboards.

spaciv ecosystem with growth charts

One business outlook for everyone? Benefit from separate forecasts for each of your organisational units

Gain the insights you need by considering every possible scenario

Easily compare different data-based scenario types to find your configuration fast

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