A brief introduction to workplace strategy

Workplace strategy refers to the planning and design of an organisation’s physical workplace to support and enhance its business goals and objectives. It involves analysing the needs of the organisation and its employees and using that information to design a workplace that is both efficient and best supports the employees in performing their work.

Visualisation of an office and different measurement factors

Bringing together people, place and pocket

A smart workplace strategy can have several benefits for an organisation. In general terms, these can be sorted into two main categories: cost optimisation and experience optimisation. For example, the workplace strategy can help to right-size the workplace footprint, eliminating wasted space and reducing workplace costs (cost optimisation). On the other hand, a mix of space types that is tailored to the users’ needs creates a positive and engaging work environment that can increase productivity and well-being (experience optimisation).

Measure the right things

The process of developing a workplace strategy typically involves evaluating the current performance of the organisation’s workplace, identifying areas for improvement, and then developing and implementing a plan to address those areas. This can include designing the workplace layout, selecting and purchasing furniture and equipment, and developing policies and procedures related to the use of the work environment.

Involve the right people

In addition to the design and configuration of the physical environment, workplace strategy typically also involves the consideration of technology to support collaboration and communication, as well as the development of programs and initiatives to promote employee well-being and engagement. The workplace strategy, therefore, requires the involvement of numerous stakeholders, including Corporate Real Estate, Facility Management, Finance, IT and HR.

Putting it all together

Overall, the goal of workplace strategy is to create a workplace that is aligned with and supports the organisation’s business goals, and that helps to create a positive and productive work environment for employees.