Dynamic Workplace Strategy

Is your organisation continually evolving?
Is your workplace static?
You may be wasting valuable resources!

spaciv is an online platform that enables mid- and large-sized organisations to continually align their Workplace Strategy with their user’s functional needs.

With spaciv, you can reduce costs and maximise performance!

24% less space required

For Rösler, 24% less space means the costs for a planned new-build has been saved – a multi million euro investment that would have been wasted.

49% shorter work paths

Rösler is able to allocate workspaces intelligently, inline with business processes, reducing work path distances by 49% and improving overall efficiency.

What our customers say

“With spaciv, we have implemented a platform that enables us to dynamically optimise our workplace according to our user-needs, empowering our organisation to meet the challenges of tomorrow.”

Stephan Rösler, President and CEO

Transform your methodoly

Go from linear workflow to dynamic optimisation

Traditionally, workplace projects follow a linear workflow. Changes and can lead to time-consuming rework and are often difficult to keep track of.

spaciv enables the evaluation of needs, the exploration of potential scenarios and space program planning to take place simultaneously – dynamic workplace optimisation.

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