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Sparkasse x spaciv

Leveraging spaciv’s AI-powered planning, Sparkasse tackled uncertainties and achieved a 32% reduction in new office and energy costs. Showing their commitment to more sustainable future and enabled crafting a user-centric and future-oriented strategy.


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Confronting uncertainties to forge a future-proof and sustainable new office

In the heart of Germany’s Franconia region, the Sparkasse financial services group embarked on a mission to revolutionise its workspace and create a new and improved headquarters that would foster collaboration and sustainability. However, they faced formidable hurdles, including uncertainty over the building’s dimensions, appropriate workplace sharing and future workforce projections.

To address these challenges urgently, we prioritised determining the right-sizing and space mix of their new office, within the constraints of a tight timeline. At the same time, rigorous scenario planning was undertaken to ensure that the space was adaptable to the uncertainties of future user needs.

The use of spaciv’s extensive benchmark data for detailed calculations and forecasts paved the way for the subsequent AI-powered planning process.

Tailored approach: Leveraging benchmarks and AI-powered planning

Introducing spaciv’s Create Your New Office solution. A systematic approach designed to validate user needs, floor plans, and optimise space data through scenario calculations, resulting in actionable AI-powered layout planning.

Using spaciv’s extensive benchmark data, we were able to efficiently determine the right-size and space mix for the new office. Recognising the critical importance of addressing uncertainties around future user needs, our co-pilots worked with the client to perform scenario calculations and space demand forecasting. This ensured the accuracy and validity of our initial calculations, laying a solid, future-proof foundation for planning.

Using AI-powered planning, we translated the calculations into concrete layout designs, paving the way for efficient workspace planning. This way we were able to ensure high quality and procurement-ready results while delivering rapid iterations.

Exceeding expectations with significant investment and energy savings

The successful collaboration with spaciv has not only strengthened the Sparkasse’s decision-making process, but has also resulted in significant cost savings. 32% reduction in the planned building volume resulted in significant financial savings, underlining the efficiency of the joint project.

In addition, the project had a significant energy cost reduction forecast of 32%. By adopting these green design practices, the project not only achieved financial benefits, but also made a significant contribution to CO2 reduction, in line with Sparkasse’s commitment to sustainable practices.

A strategic match: Embracing continual innovation

The partnership between Sparkasse and spaciv is an example of the power of collaborative innovation. By tackling challenges head-on and embracing innovative solutions, we were not only able to optimise the future workspace, but also paved the way for a sustainable future.