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From vision to reality: Workplace projects simplified

Transform your user needs into ready-to-implement layouts and make future-proof corporate real estate decisions through AI-powered automation of your workplace projects.

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Strategic workplace projects

Tailor future-proof and cost-efficient spaces

Ensure your future office fits your teams and operations perfectly, keeping costs low while boosting productivity and user experience. Stay ahead of the curve by forecasting future needs and trends, maintaining a flexible and up-to-date office.

Future-proof programming

Detailed customising for procurement-ready results

Take advantage of customisation options like space modules and rules to easily export procurement-ready solutions. This simplifies your projects and enhances efficiency in your procurement processes.

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Streamlined planning

AI powered fit-out and space planning for fast implementation

Make use of advanced automation to create AI-powered, ready-to-implement layouts faster and easier, saving time and resources without compromising quality.

Customer Story

How a financial service provider defied uncertainty, reduced building volume and energy costs by 32% and set the stage for a sustainable, user-centric headquarters

Explore how spaciv’s Create Your New Office solution revolutionises workspace planning. Efficiently validate needs, streamline space data, and deliver high-quality layout designs with fast iterations.

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Why companies choose spaciv to create their new office


Tried and tested workflow:
4X faster than traditional methods


Automation and AI:
Easily handle complexity for better results


Trusted quality:
Our experts deliver on time, on budget

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Experience how you can create a new office with spaciv

Schedule a tailored demo with the spaciv team to explore how we can help you create your ideal workplace, optimise your exisiting real estate and strategically analyse your portfolio for optimal cost-effectiveness and top user experience.

New office: How Sparkasse saved 32% with AI

New office: How Sparkasse saved 32% with AI

Customer storySparkasse x spacivLeveraging spaciv's AI-powered planning, Sparkasse tackled uncertainties and achieved a 32% reduction in new office and energy costs. Showing their commitment to more sustainable future and enabled crafting a user-centric and...

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