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Take back control of your portfolio

Enhance your corporate real estate strategy through portfolio analysis, utilising advanced analytics and forecasting for smart decision-making.

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Complete transparency

Understand your portfolio inside out

Access unparalleled transparency into every aspect of your corporate real estate portfolio, utilising detailed analytics to make informed decisions.

model the future

Craft a vision for your portfolio evolution

Leverage advanced modeling techniques to forecast and shape the future of your portfolio. By mitigating risks and proactively adapting your portfolio, you can effectively meet evolving needs and objectives.

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Identify opportunities

Identify strategic portfolio advantages

Our data-driven approach enables you to uncover hidden opportunities, capitalise on emerging trends, and strategically position your corporate real estate portfolio for maximum impact.

Customer Story

How an international financial institute confidently downsized office space 28%, saving 22M EUR

Discover how spaciv’s Portfolio analysis solution has transformed workspace planning and helped to efficiently validate needs, streamline space data, and deliver high-quality layout designs with fast iterations.

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Why companies choose spaciv to analyse their portfolio


Tried and tested workflow:
4X faster than traditional methods


Automation and AI:
Easily handle complexity for better results


Trusted quality:
Our experts deliver on time, on budget

Experience spaciv

Experience how you can analyse your portfolio with spaciv

Schedule a tailored demo with the spaciv team to explore how we can help you create your ideal workplace, optimise your exisiting real estate and strategically analyse your portfolio for optimal cost-effectiveness and top user experience.

New office: How Sparkasse saved 32% with AI

New office: How Sparkasse saved 32% with AI

Customer storySparkasse x spacivLeveraging spaciv's AI-powered planning, Sparkasse tackled uncertainties and achieved a 32% reduction in new office and energy costs. Showing their commitment to more sustainable future and enabled crafting a user-centric and...

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