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Create the ideal office tailored to your employees’ needs. Seamlessly adapt your strategy to changing situations and drive cost-effective workplace improvements where and when they matter most.

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The power of connected data

Traditional tools are not suitable for today’s complex requirements

Process of turning excel templates into accessible dashboards
Elevating strategy execution

From spreadsheets to a
dynamic platform

Spreadsheets fall short in handling user needs, space calculations, and scenario simulations efficiently. They’re tedious, error-prone, and often ineffective. Strategic real estate decisions require a dependable solution. Enter spaciv: the tool for workplace leaders to connect data and make informed decisions.

Your benefits

Focus on decisions,
not data collection

Simplify complexity

Manage complex work easily

Experience a seamless and user-centric transformation journey with our automation and AI solution. Easily translate your employees’ needs into an tailored ideal space program. Effortlessly identify improvement opportunities that enhance both your bottom line and user experience, all while ensuring quality and fit through smart optimisation.

Strategic outlook

Transform with confidence

Easily navigate unpredictable demand with advanced scenario modeling. Gain transparency, cut costs, and boost productivity while aligning spaces with your corporate real estate and workplace strategy. Make informed decisions with confidence, backed by detailed analysis and forward-thinking insights.

Execution power

Leverage insights

Leverage execution power by using data-driven insights to make evidence-based decisions with maximum transparency. Understand your data clearly and transform it into actionable intelligence for your projects. Easily build trust among stakeholders by ensuring alignment with shared strategic goals.

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New office: How Sparkasse saved 32% with AI

New office: How Sparkasse saved 32% with AI

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