Case study

Enhancing a Workplace with
Crowd-Review Data

In the dynamic realm of technology, optimising the workplace for enhanced productivity and employee satisfaction is of paramount importance. Our client, a thriving tech company with 1,900 employees, sought to review and improve their existing workplace by harnessing the power of data and user feedback. They partnered with spaciv, integrating our innovative data collection feature into their processes to facilitate a crowd-review of their workplace.

Client profile

  • Industry: Tech Company
  • Company Size: 1,000 – 5,000 employees


The organisation faced increasing uncertainty regarding the future of their office real estate. It was imperative that any potential solution established a solid basis for long-lasting and sustainable change.

  • Uncertainty
    The client lacked a clarity regarding the performance of their current workplace. Assumptions were based on informal and unstructured feedback.
  • Scalability
    Gathering comprehensive and actionable feedback from a large employee base was a challenge.
  • Actionable Improvements
    The client needed a systematic approach to identify and prioritize improvements that could be quickly implemented.


spaciv provided a holistic solution that enabled the client to tackle these challenges effectively.

  • Data Collection
    Our integrated data collection feature allowed the client to collect feedback from their employees efficiently and comprehensively.
  • Experience Dashboard
    The collected data was processed and presented in an Experience Dashboard within our application, offering a clear and accessible overview of the feedback.
  • Actionable Improvement Opportunities
    spaciv identified actionable improvement opportunities based on the feedback collected.
spaciv experience dashboard impression


Our partnership delivered tangible and data-driven results.

  • Evidence for Optimisation
    The data collected through the crowd-review process provided solid evidence to inform the optimisation efforts. It allowed the client to pinpoint areas that needed improvement with confidence.
  • Actionable Improvements
    The client received a list of actionable improvement opportunities, prioritised based on the expected impact. This facilitated quick and effective implementation of changes aimed at enhancing the workplace.
  • Enhanced Work Experience
    By addressing the identified areas of improvement, the client is improving the workplace experience for their employees, resulting in increased satisfaction and productivity.
spaciv app impression of opportunities


Our collaboration with this tech company demonstrates the power of data-driven decision-making in optimising the workplace. By leveraging spaciv’s integrated data collection feature, the client gathered comprehensive feedback, gained actionable improvement opportunities, and significantly enhanced the workplace experience for their 1,900 employees.

This case study underscores our commitment to providing innovative solutions that enable organisations to harness the power of data, make informed decisions, and create workplaces that foster satisfaction, productivity, and success in the dynamic tech industry.

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